SpaceCP Open Beta

Join our public beta and help shape the future of game server management!

Phase One
Summary: One panel running on our servers Initially limited features Limited to Minecraft Free Silver Account until phase ends Join
Phase Two
Summary: Self-hosted panels made available All account tiers made available Developer Docs & Support Hosting Support Expansion towards more games

The roadmap

We're on a rapid release cycle. Here's a rough timeline of what we're working on.
Feel free to leave feedback on our Forums.
The features listed below are planned in that cronological order but change of plans may apply in the future.
Note that we are omitting support for games in this roadmap - that will be a separate timeline to be declassified soon.

Two-Factor Auth & U2F
Multiple Admins
Server Imports
Hosting Backend
Developer Docs & Platform
OAuth Support
Mobile Layout
Full Analytics & Statistics Platform